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How Does It Work?

Emergencies happen everyday. It may be that a sofa or other piece of furniture is too large to fit through the door or stuck in the hallway. Other times, it may be that wine was spilled on a brand new sofa, or a plumbing pipe burst, or maybe the heater stopped working.
Customers will need a service technician who can come almost immediately. So, they go to 123 and search for a specific service in their area. The system will ask the customer some questions. Automatically, the customer will get a price quotation for the service requested and our system finds them an available expert in their area.
As soon as the customer wishes to book a service, the 123 system will send the messages to all available technicians (with the same skills for the job) within the area of the customer. The first available technician will accept the job and will be dispatched promptly to the customer. .

It’s very simple! In just 3 steps and customer can have an emergency service done!