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About Us

123services is a team composed of 3 entrepreneurs who own a service company based in the USA over 20 years. 123service is marketplace for booking and dispatching emergency and non-emergency services.
After all these years of experience in the business industry, we have encountered and solved various issues. This experience allows us to present solutions in the form of 123services. With just three simple steps, the customer in need of assistance can get immediate response from technicians. Experts will come directly to the customer’s location.
We cater to individuals and groups who are:
1. in need of services, particularly emergencies, but are unable to find anyone available in their area.
2. unaware of the cost of service prior to the arrival of the technician.
We understand that emergency issues can create much frustration and stress for our customers. Our goal is to create better service and to offer a fairer deal with those in need of help.

Let us give you a clearer picture.

Imagine this scenario: It is winter in NY, and on a very cold day, your heater stopped working. You have tried every possible option to find a service technician-- you Googled it, you browsed the Yellow pages, you asked your friend, and yet, no one is available!

You finally get someone to commit to come within 4 hours. He then tells you that the service call will cost $150. You are happy, and waiting and waiting …

Finally, Mr. John Smith show up. He determines the problem, and within 30 minutes the heater is back in order. Now what?! He asks you to pay for the repair $425 plus $150! What will you be thinking?

What if you could save the unexpected expenses? It could have been different if you knew the full cost in advance. This scenario happens every day, everywhere.

This is why we came up with a solution with 123 Services.

We gathered thousands of different scenarios with estimated cost and time. Our special algorithm can calculate the price for services. Within our network our service technicians in different zones can respond to emergency calls more promptly. 123 service’s goal is to spread our service network all over the USA and internationally. Our main goal is to operate a fair and honest system for both the service providers and our customers.