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123Services can book and dispatch to your home service needs in 3 steps.
It is simple, easy & convenient like Uber!

All furniture such as sofas, chairs, headboards, beds, wood items, etc.
Repair wood, leather & fabric furniture.
Clean, stream & protect fabric & leather furniture. Clean rugs & carpets.
Upholster all furniture.

How it works

123Services is a business that caters to people who need emergency or non-emergency furniture services such as repairs, upholstery, cleaning and assembly/disassembly.

Our automated booking and dispatching services are highly up-to-par where we create accessibility and provide smooth operations within our customers and furniture technicians.

  • 123Services eminiently focus on

    home service on-demand
  • Book your furniture service needs & our available technicians are

    immediately alerted & notified
  • Our technicians administer

    trustworthy, dependable & punctual assistance to our customers